Scale up, pilot testing and process design

Lead partner: VTT


  1. Assembling the production line from biomass gasification to FT synthesis with new FT reactor by M18 for the first test run and by M30 for the second test run.
  2. Producing 300-500 L of FT product with high content in C5-C10 olefins by M32.
  3. Validating the process concept from biomass gasification to hydroformylation by operating the process for total 300 – 500 hours.
  4. Producing 100-200 L of hydroformylated product with maximum content of alcohols in the mixture.

  1. Assembly of gasification and synthesis process [VTT – Mar 2020]
    Gasification and synthesis units assembled and ready for testing.
  2. Report on Catalyst stability [MPI – Sep 2020]
    Report on distraction of the catalyst system and stabilizing possibilities of catalyst system.
  3. Report on the results of the validation test runs in REDIFUEL pilot [VTT – Mar 2022]
    Report on gasification and FT-production test runs in the pilot units of VTT.
  4. Report on overall process design [NESTE – Feb 2022]
    Report of overall design will include mass and energy balance flow sheets, OPEX, and CAPEX, based on the data from Biofuel-fuel system compatibility aspects and engine related evaluation.