Quite some results of the REDIFUEL project will be documented in a report.
These reports are planned for the complete project period of three years.
In the below overview you will find the planned reports divided over the different topics.
When a report is finished and available you will be linked to the document by clicking the title in below overview.
Please note that when a report contains confidential information, only the public summary will be published.

1 Development of processes and catalysts for producing biofuels from renewable sources
Lead partner: Max Planck Institute

  1. Report on ready hydroformylation (HF) catalyst system [Sep 2019]
  2. Formulation and synthesis route for a solid, cobalt-based microparticulate Fischer-Tropsch catalyst  [Mar 2020]
  3. Report on working recycling system for hydroformylation (HF) Catalyst [Mar 2020]
  4. Reactor design for hydroformylation (HF) [Sep 2020]
  5. Fischer-Tropsch (FT) catalyst benchmarking results and optimal Fischer-Tropsch (FT) process specifications  [Mar 2021]

2 Biofuel-fuel system compatibility aspects and engine related evaluation
Lead partner: Neste

  1. Report on spray and combustion behavior on new alcohol blended fuels [Nov 2019]
  2. Report on integration of high pressure chamber investigations into CFD code [Mar 2020]
  3. Fuel composition report [Mar 2020]
  4. Fuel component interaction (results) [Mar 2020]
  5. Report on combustion system optimization for alcohol blend fuels [Sept 2020]
  6. Report on efficiency and emission optimization potential by using fuel sensing/alcohol detection [Dec 2020]
  7. Report on emission and efficiency impact on existing engines [Mar 2021]
  8. Report on efficiency optimization potential for future engines [May 2021]
  9. Report on vehicle and fleet simulation of efficiency and emission impact in future engines [Jul 2021]
  10. Report on emission impact on existing vehicles and the fleet under real driving conditions [Jul 2020]
  11. Initial and final lubricant interaction report [Sept 2021]
  12. Final component interaction results report [Sept 2021]
  13. Report on infrastructural adaptations for renewable fuels [Sept 2021]

3 Scale up, pilot testing and process design
Lead partner: VTT

  1. Assembly of gasification and synthesis process [Mar 2020]
  2. Report on Catalyst stability [Sep 2020]
  3. Report on the results of the validation test runs in REDIFUEL pilot [Sep 2021]
  4. Report on overall process design [Sep 2021]

4 Conversion efficiency, Socioeconomic assessment, LCA, Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation
Lead partner: Uniresearch

  1. Data Management Plan [Sep 2021]
  2. Dissemination Plan [May 2019]
  3. Report on the energetical conversion efficiency of Biomass-to-Liquid (BtL) drop-in biofuel [Mar 2020]
  4. Comparison of Biomass-to-Liquid (BtL) drop-in biofuel with transport fuels [Sep 2021]
  5. Exploitation Plan including final dissemination plan and newsletters [Sep 2021]