REDIFUEL newsletters

The REDIFUEL Newsletter has been sent to all that are interested in the project results.
The project ended in January 2022.

  • Newsletter #3 (November 2021) with the following topics:
    • Programme for the Joint Final Event on 23+24 Nov 2021 + registration
    • Latest REDIFUEL results:
      • Potential of a REDIFUEL drop-in fuel blend under real driving conditions
      • Continuous flow hydroformylation of FT product – by MPI
      • Atomic level insights pave the way to Fischer-Tropsch catalysts with unconventionally high selectivity to liquid olefin chemicals – by CSIC
  • Newsletter #2 (November 2020) with the following topics:
    • Average age of the EU vehicle fleet
    • State-of-the-art on energy efficiency of various fuels
    • Pilot Plant Design, Construction and Testing for the Hydroformylation of Fischer-Tropsch Type Olefin Paraffin Mixtures
    • Effect of fuel formulation on mixture formation & engine performance
    • European Commission Midterm review
  • Newsletter #1 (January 2020)¬†with the following topics:
    • Word from the coordinator FEV
    • REDIFUEL concept and approach
    • Achieved results in the first year of the project
    • REDIFUEL explained by the partners (in video)
    • Quote from partner MPI