Conversion efficiency, Socioeconomic assessment, LCA, Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation

Lead partner: Uniresearch


  1. Set-up and maintain adequate dissemination and external communication activities.
  2. Set-up and follow-up of adequate (preparative) exploitation activities.
  3. Determine the overall conversion efficiency of the BtL process on a well-to-wheel basis. This process will be benchmarked to the known overall efficiencies for conventional diesel, as well as other biofuel option that are commercially available.
  4. Encompass all relevant, associated emissions and energy flows for BtL in a life cycle assessment (LCA). These results will be analysed from both an environmental perspective as from a socio-economic point of view. Special attention will go to the extent to which human health is affected by BtL’s application, relative to the known impacts from conventional diesel transport. Also, the proposed analysis aims to benchmark BtL’s water footprint with the other available (bio)fuels.
  5. Perform the overall technical and economic evaluation including biofuel cost assessment.

  1. Data Management Plan [FEV – Sep 2021]
    Structure and interface (like share point server) to handle data (test data, fuel production and analytics data) within the project.
  2. Dissemination Plan [UNR – May 2019]
    The document will contain the dissemination and communication measures, activities performed and tools following the European Commission Guide on how to communicate EU research and Innovation.
  3. Report on the energetical conversion efficiency of Biomass-to-Liquid (BtL) drop-in biofuel [VUB – Mar 2022]
    Well-to-Wheel analysis of the overall energy efficiency of the proposed drop-in biofuel’s and process based inventory list of the subsequent environmental analysis.
  4. Comparison of Biomass-to-Liquid (BtL) drop-in biofuel with transport fuels [VUB – Mar 2022]
    Environmental and socio-economic analysis of the biofuels on a life cycle basis.
  5. Exploitation Plan including final dissemination plan and newsletters [UNR – Mar 2022]
    Plan with detailed information about the exploitation steps to be carried out during and after the projects by the partners. The document will also contain a final update on the dissemination and communication measures, activities performed and tools following the European Commission Guide on how to communicate EU Research and Innovation. A collection of project letters will be prepared and distributed during the project lifetime.
  6. Overall technical and economical evaluation [FEV – Mar 2022]