Final outcome (project runtime: Oct 2018 – Jan 2022)

Within the REDIFUEL project, the first EN590 compatible 100% renewable diesel fuel was derived and produced.

The high bio-alcohol share in the product enables the fuel to be compliant to the Diesel fuel legislation EN590. Other biogenic Diesel fuels, such as commercially available BioDiesel (FAME) and Hydrated Vegetable Oil (HVO) and other biogenic products with lower TRL such as di-methyl ether do not comply with EN590 and thus additional fuel standards had to be created for these fuels.

Hence, REDIFUEL will be a biogenic fuel that is compliant to EN590 and thus can be fueled in any existing Diesel vehicle without restraints.

The possible variety in feedstock will make REDIFUEL also able and easy to adapt to existing biomass producing infrastructure. The Well-to-Wheel LCA has proven the enormous potential in CO2 savings compared to fossil fuels. Given the current TRL ~ 5, today’s production costs of course would be very high, but pathways could be derived how to bring production costs to ~€ 1.00 per litre on the short term.