Month 10: Flashpoint determination for the design of a distillation process

Achieved result: 30 July 2019
Involved partners: OWI, MPI-CEC

REDIFUEL has to meet the EN590 norm for minimum Cetane Number (CN) of 51. The measurement of CN is important in order to determine if the surrogate alcohols mixture (SAM) is representative for the real alcohols mixture (RAM), which was produced by partners by the 1st generation FT and hydroformylation catalysts. Moreover, the CN measurements help to determine which mixtures can satisfy EN590 norm for CN and are good candidates for further engine testing.

  • Objective: To adjust the flashpoint of the hydroformylation product via distillation to comply with the EN 590 standard with minimum product loss.
  • Research: Four different operation points of a distillation column were simulated at MPI leading to four different product compositions. These product compositions were prepared at OWI and their flashpoints were measured.
  • Result: To fulfill the EN 590 flashpoint requirement the complete removal of paraffins out of the hydroformylation product via distillation is not necessary.
  • What will it be used for: The results will be used for the design of a distillation process involved in the REDIFUEL production.
  • Impact: A reduction in unwanted loss of short-chain alcohols owing to a merely partial removal of paraffins during the distillation process can be realized. Hence, the distillation process and thus the overall REDIFUEL production process will be more efficient.

Figure: Flashpoint measuring device OptiFlash: Determination of the flashpoint according to the Pensky Martens closed cup method (OWI)