OWI – Science for Fuels gGmbH was founded in 1998 and is an affiliated institute of the RWTH-Aachen University. OWI is a non-profit organization with its main task undertaking and promoting applied research and development in the field of energy and combustion technology with a special focus on liquid fuels. OWI has 30 employees including 10 PhD students. The research activities of OWI are financed on a project based approach and reach from applied industrial research projects to governmental financed fundamental research projects. Analyses and investigations of fuel properties are carried out in cooperation with RWTH Aachen University. For issues like energy-efficiency OWI is developing technologies in collaboration with industries in the areas of thermal process technology and materials engineering. OWI is a member of several associations in the fuel technology (DGMK and AGQM). OWI participated in many international and national research and development projects consortia in the fields of fuels, energy and combustion. Additionally OWI has a long time experience in accomplishing and administrating projects funded by German public organizations like BMWI, DBU, AiF.

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OWI is responsible for the testing of the aging behaviour of the envisaged fuels and especially their mixtures. The major goal of OWI in this project is to gain further knowledge concerning advanced bio fuels. As a research institute in the field of energy and combustion technology keeping ahead in research and development in this area is of utmost importance for OWI. By knowing the benefits and limitations of new concepts, fuels and energy systems OWI is able to stay a strategic partner in future industrial projects.