Continuous flow hydroformylation of FT product (Jun 2021 – Month 33/40)

Intermediate result from partner MPI

Continuous flow hydroformylation of FT product

Result has been achieved on 11 June 2021 in month 33 of the project.

One main component of the proposed REDIFUEL fuel are alcohols, which will be synthesized from the olefin-containing C5-C10 fraction of the FT product. In a two-step process consisting of hydroformylation and subsequent hydrogenation of aldehyde intermediates, a mixture of C6 to C11 primary alcohols is produced via homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis. Efficient utilization and recycling of the expensive catalyst material has a large impact on the final price of the proposed drop-in bio-fuel.

This research has been recently published in ChemSusChem and can be accessed free of charge under

  • Objective: To develop an economically feasible production process for the FT-derived alcohols, continuous flow testing of the reaction and catalyst recycling are neccessary.
  • Research: Several operation parameters have been tested using a model substrate. As final proof of con-cept, actual FT product from experiments carried out at VTT with the CSIC catalyst has been converted to alcohols.
  • Result: The catalyst system has been proven to be robust and stable. Further potential for optimization has been identified.
  • What will it be used for: Technoeconomic evaluation of the HF step in the synthesis of REDIFUEL.
  • Impact: Final price of the alcohol share of REDIFUEL.