INERATEC, a spin-off company from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), is a limited liability company and a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) located in Karlsruhe, Germany, with a staff of currently 13 permanent and 6 non-permanent employees. INERATEC’s technology and know-how platform is based on compact chemical reactors for decentralized and demanding applications, such as Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, methanol synthesis, methanation and synthesis gas generation. With these chemical reactors, entire chemical processes can be realized in transportable shipping containers. Additionally, they allow safe and efficient operation of highly exothermic and endothermic chemical reactions for decentralized applications. INERATEC offers technical solutions ranging from pilot applications to chemical plants in series production.

INERATEC is responsible for analysis of new Fischer-Tropsch based catalysts provided from partners with regard to compatibility to the existing compact FT reactor technology in WP 2. INERATEC will provide testing of the catalysts in small scale and select the most promising catalyst for the pilot scale testing in WP 4. INERATEC is mainly contributing to catalyst loading and unloading from the reactors in WP4. In WP4, INERATEC will also develop strategies for better separation of the FT syncrude with regard to the use and further processing of the olefins in hydro formulation.

As a part of 8 national and EU-funded projects in the field of process and environmental engineering, INERATEC has gained considerable practical and theoretical experience in R&D work. The expertise of INERATEC in sub-system assembly is required for building up the container sized solution for the physical integration of the individual units starting from electrolysis, compressors, pre-conditioning of gas up to the relevant reactor stages.

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The innovative chemical reactor technology by INERATEC converts gases into liquid fuels or valuable chemical products. The project provides the chance to broaden the applicability of out technology.