Material Compatibility of REDIFUEL (Mar 2020 – Month 18/40)

Intermediate result from partner Tec4Fuels

Result has been achieved on 10 March 2020 in month 18 of the project.

To determine the Drop-in capability of the fuel in the current world automotive technologies, the REDIFUEL and its blends with Diesel will be tested in the CoCoS (Complete Common Rail System) testbench at Tec4Fuels. The Fuel is stressed at different testing parameters and its behavior over extended periods is analyzed.

  • Objective: To identify the material compatibility of the REDIFUEL and its performance in the long term application.
  • Research:
    • Pure diesel and pure RF (Redifuel) have been tested as the first two experiments to identify the critical characteristics. This give the initial end to end comparison between pure RF and Diesel before the blend are tested.
    • The injector is analyzed in different aspects such as mass flow measurements, visual impressions, injection rate, etc.
    • All other fuel components are tested for their performance with the fuel throughout testing period.
    • Initial testing is conducted at 1300 bar fuel pressure and 230 °C injector temperature, keeping the injector parameters at 800 µs of energizing time and frequency of, 17 Hz.
  • Results:
    • Pure RF has completed 100 h of test run without any overhauls or component failure. The injector flow rate has been constant throughout the testing period. No deposits are observed.
    • Fuel has degraded over time and the color of the Pure RF has changed from white to yellow.
    • In comparison to pure Diesel, RF also showed no noticabe effect on the fuel components and the functionality remained intact.
  • What will it be used for: These results will be used for modifying the testing parameters to subject the Redifuel to more stressful conditions and identify the fuel limitations. Further different blends with varied concentrations of RF in Diesel will be tested to observe the characteristics of the blends.
  • Impact: These tests will provide a detailed analysis on the interaction and compatibility the fuel with the fuel injection system in a complete common rail system. Also, the injector performance over extended periods of operation can be estimated.