Surrogate fuel for real alcohol mixtures and fuel matrix (May 2019 – Month 8/40)

Intermediate result from partner VKA-RWTH

Result has been achieved on 28 May 2019 in month 8 of the project.

REDIFUEL has to meet the EN590 norm for minimum Cetane Number (CN) of 51. The measurement of CN is important in order to determine if the surrogate alcohols mixture (SAM) is representative for the real alcohols mixture (RAM), which was produced by partners by the 1st generation FT and hydroformylation catalysts. Moreover, the CN measurements help to determine which mixtures can satisfy EN590 norm for CN and are good candidates for further engine testing.

  • Objective:To find a suitable surrogate fuel for the RAM based on ignition delay characteristics.
    To determine the maximum alcohol share in gas to liquid (GtL) fuel which still meet EN590 norm for CN.
  • Research: The CN was determined experimentally using constant volume combustion chamber (CVCC) method in AFIDA device. The device measures the ignition delay at standard conditions which is correlated to CN.
  • Result: Surrogate alcohols mixture (SAM) and real alcohols mixture (RAM) resulted in approximately same ICN (Figure 1). According to first characterization, the blend of 40 vol% C6-C11 alcohol mixture in GtL has CN of 52.6, which is above the minimum requirement for EN590 standard.
  • What will it be used for: The results were shared with the partners for finalizing the fuel matrix for further experimental investigations.
  • Impact: The AFIDA measurements confirm that SAM is correct representative of RAM with regards to ignition characteristics. The results of CN investigations tells the upper limit for the amount of alcohol share which can be used in REDIFUEL, while still meeting EN590 norms for CN.
Image: Indicated cetane number v/s Ignition delay for different fuels and their blends (VKA-RWTH)